Founded by Vitaly Kalashnikov in 2007, VITALS is the top photographers agency in Moscow, Russia.

Representing a number of Russia's and foreign well-renowned and rewarded talents, VITALS has successfully produced campaigns for a wide range of local and global brands.

Among our clients are Capital Group, Globus Gourmet, Podium, Crocus Group, alenaakhmadullina, L'Etoile, Friderm, Russian Standard Vodka (USA), Martini, Dymov.

Our editorial portfolio includes Vogue Russia, Elle Russia, Harper's Bazaar Russia, Citizen K Russia, Glamour Russia, Marie Claire Russia, InStyle Russia, Hello! ICONS, GQ Russia, Maxim Russia, Gala Russia, Vanity Fair Germany, Observer UK, Bucher Germany.

Apart from photographers, the company represents fashion stylists, set designers and other creatives, and co-operates with major Russian and international advertising agencies, model agencies, hair & make-up professionals, postproduction artists and production facilities.

VITALS is also equipped for full service production - we offer the wide range of services, including budgeting, casting, location scouting and permits, equipment and transport rental, accommodation and visa support. We are commited to providing high quality, personalized service to both our artists and clients.



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